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Information Portal

Welcome to Bees for Development's Information Portal. Here you will find a vast range of bee-related information, much of it unique to this site. We have organised the information within the 12 themes shown left, each containing up to three levels of increasingly detailed information. We also guide you to a wealth of relevant papers, articles and books.

Please use the Search box - right - to search for specific countries or topics, which may not be apparent from the list of topics below.

As far as possible, items are provided here as articles within the website or as external links. However, for some references you may have to approach a library or other source.

This Information Portal represents a labour of love for us here at Bees for Development. Everything here is available free as part of our continuing endeavour to promote bees and beekeeping as means for improving the livelihoods of people in developing countries. We are continuously adding texts and welcome your suggestions for information to include here.

Do browse our Store even if you do not intend to buy. Listed are many useful, low print run, and hard-to-obtain books and other media, and most have informative reviews.

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Apiculture world wide
    Beekeeping by nation
    Beekeeping by region
    Bees world wide
Approaches to beekeeping
    Bees and people
    Natural beekeeping
    Sustainable beekeeping
Bee species & races
    Distribution of honey bees
    Honey bee races
    Honey bee species
    Other bees
    Stingless bees
Bees in development
    Beekeeping and income generation
    Finding funding
    Forming associations
    How to set up a beekeeping project
    Proposal writing
    Strengthening livelihoods
    The value of bees in development
    Women in beekeeping
Bees, plants & pollination
    Bee forage
    Trees bees use
    Undesirable forage sources
Conservation & environment
    Beekeeping in protected areas
    Bees and ecology
    Bees and forests
    Climate change and bees
    Protecting bees
Honey bee biology & behaviour
    Basic honey bee biology
    Social behaviour
Honey bee health & welfare
    Other problems for bees
Honey bee products
    Adding value to bee products
    Medicinal uses of bee products
    Royal Jelly
Honey hunting
Markets & trade
    Apitrade Africa
    Bee importation
    Exporting to the EU
    Fairtrade certification
    Marketing honey and beeswax
    Organic beekeeping
    Product statistics
Practical beekeeping
    Bee hives
    Colony management
    Harvesting and handling honey
    Harvesting beeswax
    Rafter methodology
    Rearing and breeding bees
    Safety for beekeepers
Training & education
    Designing a beekeeping training course
    Important issues in training
    Organising beekeeping training provision
    Sample lesson plans
    Training and training links
    Workshop reports
Understanding terms